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Abarquh Gunbad-i 'Ali (tower tomb) Exterior 1056
Exterior (detail) 1056
Aksaray Sultan Han (Caravanserai) Entrance portal 1229
Detail of the entrance portal 1229
Algiers Great Mosque Dome of the mihrab 1096
Vault of the mihrab 1096
Prayer hall 1096
Amasya Halifet Ghazi Kumbed, (tomb of the Emir Melik Gazi) Exterior 1145/46
Bursa Bayazid Yildirim Mosque Portico 1390
Bursa Mosque-Madrasa of Murad I Exterior seen from northeast Begun 1366
Bursa Ulu Cami Prayer hall Begun 1396
Bursa Yesil Cami (Green Mosque) North wall of the covered sahn, with the imperial tribunes Begun 1412/13
Prayer hall looking toward the mihrab Begun 1412/13
North facade Begun 1412/13
Portal Begun 1412/13
Carved wall in west hall Begun 1412/13
Yesil Turbe Mihrab Completed in 1440 approx.
Cairo Bab al- Futuh, also called "The gate of fortune" View from the north Begun 988
Citadel of Salah al- Din View from above Begun 1176
Great Mosque of Baybars Southwest side 1268/69
East corner of the prayer hall 1268/69
Detail of the protal 1268/69
Northwest portal 1268/69
House of Gamal al-Din al Zahahi Qa'a 1637
Hosh and maqad 1637
Clerestory and dome over the durka 1637
Madrasa and tomb of Salih Negm ad-Din Detail of the portal 1241 - 1244
Detail of the dome muqarnas 1241 - 1244
Facade 1241 - 1244
Madrasa of Sultan Qala'un Qibla iwan, facade 1283 -1285
Qibla iwan, interior 1283 -1285
Mosque of al-Aqmar Facade overlooking the street Completed 1125
Detail of the facade muqarnas Completed 1125
Mosque of al-Azhar Dome in the transept Begun April 970
Prayer hall, mihrab aisle Begun April 970
Prayer hall, stucco ornament of an arch of the north transept Begun April 970
Mosque of al-Hakim Qibla aisle looking toward northeast Begun 991
Monumental entrance Begun 991
Mihrab aisle seen from the sahn Begun 991
Mosque of al-Salih Tala'i Sahn Begun 1160
Entrance portico Begun 1160
Mosque of Ibn Tulun Sahn 876-879
Interior, view of the mihrab and minbar 876-879
Interior 876-879
Northeast Ziyadah 876-879
Tomb and Madrasa of Sultan Hasan Portal Begun 1361
Exterior from the southeast Begun 1361
Tomb and Madrasa of Sultan Qa'it Bey Dome 1472 -1474
Sahn roof, restored 1472 -1474
Sahn 1472 -1474
Exterior from the northeast 1472 -1474
Tomb of Sultan Qala'un "Nave" arcade 1283 -1285
Facade from the court 1283 -1285
Interior 1283 -1285
Mihrab 1283 -1285
Tomb and minaret overlooking the Suq al- Nahassin 1283 -1285
Cordoba Great Mosque Lantern of al-Hakam II Enlarged in 951
Vault of the Maqsura Enlarged in 951
Exterior facade of the mihrab Enlarged in 951
Portal of S.Stephen 786/87
Vault above the mihrab bay Enlarged in 951
Interior, acrades of Abd er-Rahman I 786/87
Vault of the mihrab Enlarged in 951
Lantern of al-Hakam II, supporting arches Enlarged in 951
Damgan (Persia), south of the easternmost tip of the Caspian Sea Tarihana The Mosque seen from the sahn Between 750 and 789
Portico Between 750 and 789
Prayer hall Between 750 and 789
Prayer hall Between 750 and 789
Divrig Great Mosque North portal 1156/57
North portal, detail of the decoration 1156/57
Great Mosque and Hospital Exterior 1156/57
Hospital Interior 1156/57
West portal 1156/57
Sitte Melik Kumbed (tomb of the Emir Suleiman ibn Saif al-Din Sahansah) Detail of the portal 1196
Sitte Melik Kumbed (tomb of the Emir Suleiman ibn Saif al-Din Sahansah) Exterior 1196
Edirne Dar us-sifa', Hospital of Bayazid II Main hall Begun 1471
Kulliye of Bayazid II View from the southwest Begun 1471
Prayer hall, mihrab and minbar of the Mosque Begun 1471
Selimiye Cami View from west of what the architect defined his masterpiece (commissioned by Selim II in1569) 1569 - 1590
Prayer hall 1569 - 1590
Uc Serefeli Mosque Sahn and minaret 1438/1447
Exterior 1438/1447
Fez Madrasa Bu 'Inaniyya The sahn looking toward the northwest 1350/55
The prayer hall toward the mihrab 1350/55
Qarawiyin Mosque Sahn and minaret Begun 857
Prayer hall, view of the third aisle of the mihrab bay Begun 857
Vault over the first aisle of the mihrab Begun 857
Granada Alhambra palace The alhambra palace seen from the north XIII century
Hall of the Ambassadors, wooden vault Before 1333
The court of Lions About 1360
Hall of the Ambassadors Before 1333
Cuarto Dorado, south facade XIII century
Court of the Myrtles looking north Before 1333
Hall of the Abencerajes, vault About 1360
Justice hall About 1360
Gurgan Gunbad-i Qabus, tomb of Sams al-Ma'ali Qabus Exterior Begun 1006/7
Deatil of the entrance and the inscription Begun 1006/7
Isfahan Ali Qapu (High gate - main entrance to the Sah'Abbas palace) Talar About 1598
Music hall About 1598
Isfahan Chehel Sutun (The 40 columns) The east talar Designed in 1590
Masgid-i Gami' Oljeitu mihrab Between 1310 and 1447
Masgid-i Sah Portal toward Madain 1611 - 1638
Detail of the portal with the minarets 1611 - 1638
The minarets 1611 - 1638
Southwest Winter Mosque, interior 1611 - 1638
Masgid-i-Gami, (or Great Mosque) North dome chamber End of IX - beginning of X century
Sahn End of IX - beginning of X century
North dome, interior End of IX - beginning of X century
Mosque of Sayh Lutfullah Exterior 1598 - 1618
Exterior 1598 - 1618
Pol-i Hwagun Facade overlooking the river 1650
Istanbul Ahmediye Cami (Blue Mosque) Prayer hall Begun 1609
Prayer hall Begun 1609
Prayer hall Begun 1609
Cinli Kiosk, (also called The tiled Pavillon) Main facade, inside Top Kapu Saray 1472
Central Dome 1472
Fatih Cami North portal of the prayer hall 1463 - 1470
Courtyard 1463 - 1470
Mosque of Bayazid II Prayer hall 1501 - 1506
View from Southeast 1501 - 1506
Mosque of Suleyman Prayer hall 1550/57
Prayer hall, dome 1550/57
View from southwest of the Mosque commissioned by Suleyman in 1550 1550/57
Top Kapu Saray Baghdad kiosk, dome 1639
Baghdad kiosk, dome; the kiosk was built to celebrate the reconquest of Baghdad (1639) 1639
Bed chamber of Murad III, dome 1578
Bed chamber of Murad III 1578
Arz Odasi (Throne room) 1585
Bab-i Saadet (Abode of felicity) Re-built in XVIII century
Bab-i Humayun (palace)  
Kairouan City walls - IX century
Great Mosque The minaret seen from the outside Completed 836
Lalla Rihana gate IX century
Nartece Completed 836
Aisle of the Minaret Completed 836
Prayer hall Completed 836
Sahn and Minaret Completed 836
Aerial view Completed 836
Three gates Mosque Facade Before 796
Kayseri Doner Kumbed Exterior About 1275
Sultan Han (Caravanserai) Hall 1232/36
Court portal 1232/36
Masgid 1232/36
Masgid 1232/36
Turbe of Hwand Hatun (tomb of the princess Hwand Hatun) Exterior 1237/38
Konya Ince Minare Madrasa Detail of the portal 1260/65
Detail of the portal 1260/65
Portal and minaret 1260/65
Karatay Madrasa Interior 1251/52
Sircali Masjid Exterior Half of XII century
Madinat al- Zahra Salon Rico Inner facade 953 - 57
Madinat al- Zahra Salon Rico Interior 953 - 57
Exterior 953 - 57
Manisa Great Mosque of Isa Bey View from above 1376
Maragha Gunbad-i Qabus (tomb) Exterior 1196/97
Marrakesh Second Kutubiyya Mosque Prayer hall 1162
Minaret 1162
Mashad Mosque of Gawhar Sad Hall toward the mihrab 1405 - 1417/18
Qibla iwan 1405 - 1417/18
Tomb of Hwaga Rabi Interior view of the dome 1617 - 1622
Exterior 1617 - 1622
Natanz Funerary complex of Abd al-Samad Muqarnas vault 1307
Portal of the khanaqah 1316/17
Courtyard of the mosque looking toward southwest 1304/09
Rabat al-Hasan Mosque Minaret 1191/99
Gate of the Ouadiah Kasba View of the portal Re-built after 1191
Radkan Funerary tower Exterior End of XIII century
Rayy, Teheran Tomb of Tugril Exterior 1139/40
Ribat-i- Saraf Caravanserai General view 1114/15
General view 1114/15
Samarkand Bibi Khanum Mosque Exterior Begun 1399
Exterior Begun 1399
Gur-i Amir View from the east 1404
Madrasa of Ulugh Beg Detail of the iwan facade Begun 1417
Sangbast Dome tomb Exterior 997-1028
Seliuk (Ephesus) Great Mosque of the Emir Isa Bey Main facade 1374/75
Seville Giralda tower Giralda tower (minaret of the Great Mosque) Begun 1184
Great Mosque Sahn, detail Begun 1172
Sivas Gok Madrasa Exterior 1271
Turbe of Keykavus I Entrance facade 1219
Sultanich Tomb of Oljeitu Exterior 1313
Susa Ribat, fortified enclosure Courtyard Before 796
Wall and portal Before 796
Interior of the portal Before 796
Portal Before 796
Tabriz Masjid-i Jami Iwan 1310/20
Tinmal Friday Mosque Aisle of the qibla Completed in 1153/54
Mihrab Completed in 1153/54
Tlemcen Great Mosque Prayer hall 1082
Mihrab Completed 1136
Vault of the mihrab Completed 1136
Mosque of Mansura Minaret Begun 1303
Portal of the minaret Begun 1303
Toledo Mosque of Bib Mardum Exterior Completed 999
The eight ribbed vaults Completed 999
Central vault Completed 999
Varamin Masjid-i Jami Dome, interior 1322/26
Exterior from the north 1322/26
Zaragoza Aljaferiya Palace Oratory, wall of the mihrab 1046 - 1081
Oratory, vault 1046 - 1081
North portico 1046 - 1081

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