Architettura Armena









This church stands in the eastern section of the city between the church of Tigran Honents' and the cathedral. The church which was completed in 1036 and of which one half has collapsed (it is literally sliced in half) has a volume similar to that of King Gagik's church of St. Gregory (at least in the generally accepted reconstruction of Toramanian). It can be conceived of as composed of two superposed cylinders (the lower portion is really a nineteen sided polygon) of which the upper cylinder surmounted by a conical roof naturally has a lesser diameter than the lower.
The blind arcading on the exterior of the two cylinders is reminiscent of those on Gagik's church. The interior was composed of a large cupolaed cylinder surrounded at its base by eight semi-circular niches cut in the thickness of the wall.
Traces of frescoes remain in the absidal conchs. The building is in very precarious equilibrium and requires urgent consolidation.