Architettura Armena









AMBERD / VIIth-Xlth centuries
The fortified complex of Amberd is set on the slopes of Mt. Aragats 7 kilometers from Biwrakan. It stands on a long rocky promontory rising between two steep valleys. The fortress which goes back to the Vllth century (with enlargements in the Xlth and Xlllth centuries) defended the plain from northern attacks. This is born out by the presence of a massive keep with basalt towers. Amberd was one of the main fortresses of the Bagratids and subsequently of the Zacharids.
The remains of various buildings are found within the walls, among these are interesting baths, a cistern and a small basilica with two cupolas in axis. The church which is still standing dates from the Xlth century. It consists of a domed hall flanked by small apsidal chapels, a formula generally adopted in monastic complexes. The form of the dome is marked on the exterior by an umbrella shaped roof. The drum is regularly divided by means of twin half­-columns.